Biking for storage in Dallas

We are celebrating 20 years down south. 2 decades ago, me and my family took everything and moved to Texas. It feels weird that it is such a long time. Both short and long at the same time. It is what it is and I remember some things more than others. One thing I remember very well is how I got the task of finding a storage in Dallas when we had moved there. I don’t know how this landed on a 16-year-old’s shoulders but it did. I was supposed to find a storage in Dallas since we wouldn’t get our house right away.

Did I do a good job? Well, it all turned out fine, didn’t it? It’s interesting that I got this task now that I look back at it. So interesting that I will now tell you about how it all happened. Yep, that’s what happening. I will now tell you the me-version of how I got to fix storage in Dallas for me and my big family.

“We also need a storage in Dallas. God forbid that we forget that” my mom said. She was stressed all the time back then. Stressed about how life would be once we had moved. Stressed about having grandma and grandpa come visit us in Texas. Stressed about pretty much everything. Not least about that we needed a storage in Dallas to even be able to move all of our stuff. She portioned that stress to me as if It was a bloody sandwich. “Here you go my son, fix a storage in Dallas to us. Even though we are 300 people and you’re 16 years old”. Was it traumatic? It actually was, quite a bit so actually.

I didn’t even know where to start working on this. This was before internet was such a big deal. Today, I could have just googled it. Back then, this wasn’t as developed. That’s right, kids. The world hasn’t always looked the way it looks today. Get it?

Anyways, storage in Dallas was my task and what I had was a bike. I started biking around in the city to find somewhere to put our stuff. We only had our truck for 2 days after we came there. So I had to bike fast to find a suiting Dallas storage.

I’ll tell you more about how it all went down tomorrow. Meanwhile, leave your comments.

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